sun / moon / month
Sample Sentences
nithėtso gizes zhi ga dnezyen – how many months did you live there?
mégwétso gizes shna pi éko byé shêgënongwëyan – it has been many moons / months since h/s called me
wthanmaské o gizes - the sun is shining down relentlessly
moki o gizes – the sun appears suddenly
në mskwaské o gizes – red sunset (the sun rays are showing)
Additional Media

Kizes was a leader of St Joseph Potawatomi in present day Elkhart County, IN. First appearing as a very vocal leader durring the 1795 Treaty of Greenville. He later led a village on the south side of the confluence of the St Joseph & Elkhart Rivers known as Mzhéwé wdé or (Elk heart).