Neshnabek: The People Part 3 (1930's documentary)

The 1930's footage is being presented to remember our old ones and never forget the hardships they endured in continuing being who they were.
Cultural Narrative: 

The 1930's footage is being presented to remember our old ones and never forget the hardships they endured in continuing being who they were born into the world as... True Neshnabek. Without money and living in appalling poverty, the Potawatomis of Kansas would remain true to who they were and would be one of the richest Potawatomi bands through language, prayer, song, dance, customs, and traditions, being one with earth and respecting the spirit world of the living, the dead, and those yet to be born.

This footage contains one of the last traditional Potawatomi bands, the Prairie Band of Mayetta, Kansas, that was taken during the 1930's. Although there were many obstacles, mainly the American government and forced relocation, the Prairie band would persevere and continue to follow the old ways of their Neshnabek ancestors. This footage shows some of the last true traditionals that would later struggle to continue the ways of their people due to American influence, government, corporations, industrial pollution, politics, and racism.

0:05 Traditional Potawatomis teaching the young song, dance, and customs
1:00 Mrs. Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) left teaching young Potawatomi girl traditional woman ways beside a wigwam.
1:34 Cooking outside old-style
1:53 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) peeling bark and boiling it
2:44 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) making twine (string) for weaving
2:58 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) peeling bark off of wood poles to prepare poles for wigwam frame and ties. Wigwam frame being prepared and built by four Potawatomi men, Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah), and Josie McKinney (Kit-Tas).
3:52 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) gathering bark from tree with ax. She then peels and transports traditionally.
4:15 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah) and Josie McKinney (Kit-Tas) on the back of a horse-pulled buckboard wagon controlled by a Potawatomi man. Transporting poles and bark for construction of traditional wigwam.
4:25 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah), right, jumping on bark to flatten down the bends and Josie McKinney (Kit-Tas) left.
4:35 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah), left, and Josie McKinney (Kit-Tas), right, constructing frame for wigwam and adding bark for completion..
6:07 Potawatomi women playing Piskwe Wot (ehpeskehwayen)
6:33 Mrs.Rosann Potts (Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah), left, playing Piskwe Wot (ehpeskehwayen)
6:48 Potawatomi, Sauk n Fox, and Kickapoo Indians playing moccasin game. Holding drum and singing is Joe Stem-Son (Potawatomi). Right-side middle is John Ho-Ciee (Sauk n Fox). Man, left, is selected as the one who hides the marble.
7:03 A traditional Potawatomi gathering and preparing poles for construction of sweat lodge for prayer and purification, to go back to the beginning, entering the womb of Mother Earth.
8:29 Traditionals drumming, singing, and dancing