Mens beaded apron owned by Frank Topash


Mens beaded apron owned by Frank Topash (brother of Elizabeth Topash Winchester Linn) and made by Elizabeth Topash Winchester Linn ca. 1940s. Joseph Scott Winchester (donor) inherited it from Joseph R. Winchester/ Elizabeth Topash Winchester Linn in 2005.
The design on this beaded apron is colloquially known as the "Topash Flower" as it can be seen on the leggings of Tom Topash in his portrain with his wife, Mary Persons. Part of the white and pink bud designs radiating from the central flower has an entire oval of beadwork that has been taken off (indents from where the beads were are observable, and the identicle design on the opposite side has the oval intact). Beadwork is on black velvet material with floral calico material backing and bias tape binding.