Sample Sentences
nsakwnëmoshen odé modéy – open this bottle for me!
ttho ngeshkëtosin ėwi nsakwnëman i modéy batayakwsen i gbëkgkwégën – I cant open the jar the lid is stuck (I am not able to as I open the jar it is stuck that lid)
nipithë gathë nakwiyen i modéy – what direction did you throw that bottle?
modéy ngi nakwi – I threw a bottle
nin ma i ndëmbishmodéyëm – thats my water bottle
Additional Media

modéy was also the name of Moti Wesaw [1780-1836], a chief of the St. Joseph Potawatomi in the present day Niles, MI area. He married Memegwe the daughter of Topinabee. Moti Wesaw died in 1836 , he was accidentally shot in downtown Niles, MI while trying to break up a fight